Orthotics: The first few days of use

Orthotics are an effective tool that we as Chiropractors use in the office for a variety of complaints. Orthotics are prescribed for complaints including foot pain, knee pain, and even low back pain. By supporting the structure of your foot, they can provide relief to structural pain from the ground up. To get the most out of your new orthotics, there is a process to properly incorporate them into your daily life.

One thing to remember when you update your orthotics or get them for the first time, is that their job is to support your foot. For many this may mean holding your foot in a position it is not used to functioning in. Because of this, there can be some muscle fatigue or mild soreness following the first few days of wearing your new custom foot support.

In order to help minimize the discomfort of transitioning to wearing orthotics there are a few tips to follow. Not only will these tips prevent discomfort but it may also help improve their effectiveness in the initial days of wearing them.


How to incorporate your new orthotics:

For the first day of use, you want to wear the orthotics for approximately 1 hour. On day two you can double the time to 2 hours as long as you did not have significant discomfort after day 1. Each day thereafter, you can double the time spent in your orthotics. You continue this process until you can wear them for a full 8 hours.

If you have significant pain or discomfort after wearing your orthotics for a few hours, you want to stay at the same number of hours the following day. If you are extremely uncomfortable, discontinue use for a day or two and then start back at 1 to 2 hours, starting the process over.

You may notice changes and improvement in alignment as you continue to wear your custom inserts. These small changes may create muscle aches affecting the knees, legs or low back – This is a good sign that your new orthotics are affecting your feet and improving alignment. These aches should subside over the first few weeks of wearing the inserts.

You don’t want to rush when incorporating your orthotics into sport and activity. Ideally, you should be able to wear them for 3-4 full days without any minor aches or pains. Once you have completed those days of wearing them comfortably, then you are safe to start incorporating them into your sport or activity of choice. The reason you want to delay wearing your orthotics for sport is to allow your body time to settle into the new positioning and function before incorporating the new alignment into sport.


Overall Orthotics are an effective way to help support your body in every day life. Wondering if custom shoe inserts might be right for you? Reach out to one of our Chiropractors today!

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