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Mobility Tape: The benefits and uses

What is Mobility Tape?

Mobility Tape is a brand of Kinesiology Tape (also known as kinesio tape). Kinesio tape is an adhesive material that is used to either apply compression or decompression to an injured area. When used to add compression to a specific area the tape promotes rapid recovery. On the other hand, when used to decompress it can relieve pain and swelling while assisting in lymphatic drainage. Mobility tape is a Canadian company that has designed a premium quality tape to be used by healthcare practitioners the world over. All brands of kinesio tape on the market have the same problem – they only work well if they are applied properly. By marketing their product directly to the practitioner, Mobility Tape has ensured that they get the best possible results with the use of their product.

When looking at kinesio tape it’s important to look at the following qualities:

  1. Adhesion strength
  2. Durability
  3. Hypoallergenic properties
  4. Multidirectional elasticity
  5. Sold in rolls instead of strips – allowing you to maximize use of product
  6. Versatility  – options like roll width, roll length, heated/non-heated
  7. Company backing – satisfaction guarantee
  8. Ease of application 


Why we use Mobility Tape at Connor Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

When we assessed Mobility Tape against all other brands on the market, especially through the lens of the best qualities in a kinesio tape, it was the clear winner in all categories.  Not only does Mobility Tape last for up to a week (with proper application), it tolerates immersion in water and multiple sweaty workouts. Secondly the tape is hypoallergenic so it doesn’t cause skin irritation. Lastly, the tape comes in both a heated and standard version. The heated version has a combination of menthol and borneol to help relieve pain symptoms locally. 

When treating and assessing injuries at the clinic we use a hands-on treatment approach. When it’s deemed beneficial we complement that treatment with the proper application of Mobility Tape. Each time kinesio tape is applied in the clinic there are multiple goals we are trying to achieve. Some of the many benefits of Mobility Tape that we tap into are: 

  1. Promote movement by assisting weak, sore or damaged tissues.
  2. Inhibit the overuse of tired or injured tissues.
  3. Enhance the movement of inflammation around an injury site by ‘tenting’ the skin around it.
  4. Increase blood flow to injured tissue by adding heat to the area.
  5. Support a joint while allowing for movement in specific planes/directions.
  6. Provide a sensation of security around a joint or muscle that is trying to heal.
  7. Promote expedited recovery while allowing you to continue to exercise.
  8. Relieve pain that movement of the injured area was causing.


Why Mobility Tape might be right for you:

If it isn’t obvious already, our goals as a Sports Chiropractic Healing Centre are congruent with the treatment goals of Mobility Tape. We want you to heal quickly, and have less pain.  We work to maintain and even gain range of motion in your joints, expedite the healing process and to help you return to the activities that you love! Together with Mobility Tape we can get you there. 

Below are some of the most common injuries that can be supported by the use of Mobility Tape:

  1. Patella Tracking problems – Jumper’s Knee, Runner’s Knee, Growing pains etc.
  2. Rotator Cuff Strains – shoulder muscle pulls and/or tears
  3. Sacroiliac Joint Sprains – when that pain in your lower back needs constant help
  4. Achilles Tendon Sprains
  5. Foot Arch Support – For Plantar Fasciitis and collapsed arches
  6. Tennis or Golfer’s elbow
  7. Back tightness
  8. Hematomas and other abrasion type injuries
  9. Tendonitis – multiple sites throughout the body.
  10. Overuse injuries in general– when muscles and other soft tissues are telling you to give them a break, but you want to keep going.


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