Gita Pathiraja, RMT

Gita Pathiraja graduated as a Sports Therapist (BSc) in the UK and practised Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Massage for 10 years before moving to Canada in 2018. Since moving to Canada she has become a registered massage therapist in Ontario and is also a Member of the Canadian Sports Massage Association.

She has worked with Aston Villa Football Clubs in the UK and Bradford Bull Rugby League as well as working with martial arts competitors, rowers, cyclists, marathon runners and triathletes. Having a variety of sports and levels of competition experience helps her to deliver the highest standard of care. She has also worked with local businesses to educate them about how to reduce postural injuries in an office setting. She is currently working in local, provincial and national competitions to deliver sports massage as part of a recovery program.

Your initial appointment will include an assessment, which focuses on movement and biomechanics, ensuring you receive an effective massage therapy treatment in addition to prescribing remedial exercises to treat the root cause.

She looks forward to working with you and the team to help you overcome any aches and pains.

Gita is available for appointments Fridays from 10am to 2pm beginning August 2023


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Gita Pathiraja

Gita Pathiraja - Registered Massage Therapist